Music – Spook (2008 onwards)

A 5-piece grungy, alt-rock band. Inspired by Pearl Jam, Deep Purple, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Rush, Dream Theater as well as Classical, Fusion and Experimental music.

Focused on creating and playing original music, we played at venues like Hard Rock Café, Blue Frog, High Spirits and Legends of Rock across India, composed 2 albums over 4 years, and definitely grew a musical beard by the second album.

Apart from music, we were deeply involved in design of our album art, merchandise and posters as well, to project a unified image as a band.

Lyrical Cynic (2013)

Our second album – raw, grungy and strong, like our coffee. Composed & recorded in Bombay, visualized & designed in South Africa and mixed & mastered in New Zealand. Crowd-funded through by fans and friends from around the world (they all got cool band merchandise too!). This album was as global as it got.

Underwaterseabird (2010)

Our first album, more of an exploration of our musical range. A unique sounding rock band with classical musicians thrown in, we came up with a diverse assortment of songs. Interestingly, it was launched with a PWYW (Pay What You Want) strategy, and surprisingly earned more than a standard pricing structure would have.

Product Packaging Design – Microbar (2012-2013)

Conceptualization, design, testing and implementation of primary, secondary and tertiary product packaging, for the entire product range. Redesigned to match contemporary usage standards and aesthetics, based on usability, mechanical strength, production suitability and visual appeal.
Greatly improved customer and manufacturing acceptance, while reducing variation in tertiary packaging. Brought the brand at par with competing global brands.

  • Requirements – ease of use, ease of manufacture, filling and packing, tamper evidence, visual appeal, improved strength, no printing abrasion
  • Complete range of containers, from size 150ml to 3350ml
  • Revised diameter-height ratio for improved one-handed use
  • Single cap screw threading for ease of closure
  • Butter threading for smooth screw motion
  • Rounded knurling on cap for improved grip
  • Rounded corners and dia-height ratios for aesthetics
  • Octagonal neck design for increased strength at lower wall-thickness
  • Developed special double cap closure for Microbar-HD

Branding & Visual Design – Microbar (2011-2013)

Complete rebranding of the logo, labels, brochures and packaging. This included development of a brand style sheet including colours, logo placement, typography, white spacing and content tone.
The goal was to have a consistent, modern, uncluttered, unified, singular image as a strong and clear brand, as a reflection of the ease of use and clarity of results from using the products.
Used sans-serif fonts with clean, minimal lines and white-spacing for regular text; strong colour and font for the brand logotype, along with simple and succinct language for efficient readability by the target audience – radiologists.

Brand Design – Triptomania (2015)

[pdf-embedder url="" title="Triptomania Logo Design Process"]

A chance to work on the branding of a new travel company, looking to rejuvenate the concept of experiential travel (instead of sight-seeing tourism), but targeting an older audience, this was a complex assignment.

To portray a novel experience, experimental and adventurous, while retaining the dependability of a more relatable travel firm, we had to look into the founders’ motivations, as well as customer perceptions of the industry. We ended up with a logo and brand style sheet that was sturdy and versatile, with all the characteristics the team wanted for their brand.

Logo & Poster Design – Travelling Magpie (2015)

Another travel company, this one close to heart. Lost during a map-less trek in a mountain desert, our only guide was a magpie that walked ahead of us for kilometres, refusing to fly away until we reached a village.

Inspired by our winged friend, we decided to provide a similar uncharted trip to relatively unexplored territories. Put urban dwellers in an open-ended, unplanned situation where the only recourse is to interact with and absorb the local culture. Your eyes open to a side of life you would never see in the city or run-of-the-mill tours.

Aimed at college students and young professionals, we used a design language that inspired and invited explorers. Though the company didn’t take off, the inspiration still remains!

Radio / TV Ads – Mochi Shoes (2005)

Music production for a series of radio ads for the launch of Mochi Shoes. Great learning in copywriting, content creation, composing and the studio recording and editing process using LogicPro, Reason, and Cubase, which greatly helped later in production of the music albums.

Interesting tidbit – copy for 4 of the radio ads was used as given to us. But the copy for the 5th ad "Mochi - Save" didn't do justice to the cause, so we generated our own content for that one. Turns out the brand team loved the twist in the end and kept our version for the final launch.