Enhancing lives has always been his aspiration, and with a background in managing a global brand, a family business and more than just a passing interest in tech, Anis is looking to utilise current tools and technology to bring about tangible, scalable, social change.

Anis has headed a global division for a top-5 radiology brand, growing revenues by 3x for a decades old product range in a declining industry. He has also managed one of India's leading retail pharmacies, implementing a retail ERP system and working on an e-pharmacy model. Flat hierarchies have allowed him to thrive with a variety of responsibilities – from marketing, sales and product development to manufacturing, sourcing and logistics, where he can tangibly influence the company’s growth.

With a keen eye for design & detail, he understands market requirements while focusing on customer delight as his north star. Developed a strong base in content creation & media, having worked on Radio & TV ads, composed and launched albums performing with his band, Spook, across India. A lifetime of sport has given him a competitive edge and an insight into working with teams.

An adventurer at heart, he is comfortable diving into the unknown and is looking to utilize his skills in enhancing people’s lives with tech-based companies.



Curious combination of Pharmacy & MBA coupled with awareness of the tech industry.


Music. Design. Packaging. Labels. Logos. Posters. Photography. It's a mindset, not a qualification.


Jobs fill your pockets; adventures fill your soul. I've always tried the untried. Why exist when you can live?